Sunday, 20 December 2015

Our First Week down at The Arcade

It's been a week now, and we've started working down at the Arcade to see what it's like.

So far, it's been pretty amazing.  We had a good couple of days where we were all there and already some fantastic discussions have come out of it!

Just having other people to work next to made a huge difference to me personally as well.  I felt like I got a ton of work done even in that short time.

We had some concerns about the fact that the area is open to the public, but so far there have been no issues with regards to noise or disruptions.

Spirits are generally high, I think everyone is really excited about the potential of the area.

Aside from the shared area, the museum is also keen to figure out how they can interface with us.  I spoke to a few of the key staff, and we'll be looking at doing demo days and mini events to fit in with their tours and programmes.  It's a win-win situation really - their visitors get to see fresh, unique games and we get first hand reactions to our work!

Although it's early days, we've already had some great chats to some of the game dev schools.  This will be a great chance to engage with students for some collaborative opportunities.

Facility-wise, the indie area is mostly sorted.  Currently we have:
  • Toilets
  • A kitchen area
  • Wifi (Limited at this stage, but being sorted out)
  • Power
Access cards will be sorted in the coming weeks for the core members of The Arcade.

We will be ready to start straight away in the new year.  A few of us will be in there on Jan 4th, so if you're keen to join or visit us, get in touch!

We currently have The Arcade Facebook Group - feel free to drop by.

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