Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Phantasmal Dev Log (Part 5)

Well over the last week or so things seemed to have been coming together nicely - the marketing has been tracking along nicely, and bug-wise we had the game down to a manageable level.

The marketing will be a like huge roll of the dice as per last time - I have no idea who will respond if anyone at all.  Even the people we've spoken to before won't necessarily help us again.  I've always struggled to understand how to keep in touch with the press and streamers we've spoken to before.

To make matters worse, GDC just happened which basically took 95% of game reporters out of action.  They probably all have clogged inboxes right now.  Not having made it to GDC probably hurt us a bit - otherwise I could have met up with some of these guys.  I'm really disappointed that  I wasn't able to make it - I was let down pretty badly for some of the things I needed to get there too.

All the key people that I've really made an effort to engage with just haven't even responded either. Marketing and PR has always felt like door to door sales - it's massively demoralizing to be ignored by 99% of people you try to talk to.

On top of this one of the core team I'm relying on heavily has been removed from the equation due to personal issues.  There couldn't possibly be a worse time for this stuff to happen.

Fate is so cruel - just when I thought things were coming together, I get thrown a spiky curve ball.  We're not totally derailed yet, but it's a crippling blow.  Fortunately for us, I've planned everything right down to the last detail so we're not doing any last minute bullshit.  We would be in serious, serious shit if we weren't on schedule for the technical side right now.

My life right now honestly feels like the Apollo 13 programme.

We will get to the finish line, but I don't know in what state.  I will have something to show on 14 Apr - I'm far too much of a stubborn asshole to fail a commitment like this, but hell if life would throw me a bone right about now I'd be so thankful.

I just hope that 2 year's worth of work isn't going straight down the flusher at this point.

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