Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A new concept for a Cooperative Survival Horror

Hi All,
We're just on the verge of starting to wind down our current horror game and a couple of the team are starting to prototype our next game which will be a cooperative survival horror.

Think of it as a cross betweenFive Nights at Freddie's and Alien Isolation (Safe Haven).

The premise of the game is there are two players, the Operator and the Runner, who are trying to escape a level.

The Operator is based inside a security room where she has a number of surveillance cameras at her disposal.

The Runner is in the level/maze itself who has objectives to accomplish, and is being stalked by a creature.

The Operator and Runner have to work closely together and communicate effectively for both to survive and escape together.

Initial Concepts
Using UNet, we currently have a really simple prototype going with objectives, the creature, and the 2 players.

It is possible currently to spawn more than 1 runner into the level - so we will be exploring that too.

Here's a shot of the prototype with a sci-fi template level.

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